OMB Storage

Storage with a smile. The Kong Box has laser-cut windows and six magnets: Kong, three aeroplanes and two clouds. Rose Cottage has a printed door with cut out windows. All six cupboards in the Urban Range have two removable shelves and can be wall-mounted or free-standing.

OMB Bathroom Cabinets

3030 Bathroom Cabinets have two removable shelves and can be wall-mounted or free-standing. Shimmer above has a laser-cut design in polished steel.

OMB Hoodie Postboxes

Hoodie Postboxes are for outdoor use with galvanised steel hoods and powder-coated steel trays. A small combination lock works as a toggle to open the front. Splat! above is printed by dye-sublimation.

OMB HangUps

HangUps is a versatile modular storage system that is easy to assemble and install. Made from powder-coated steel the top row of modular units is suspended from interlocking hangers attached to the wall. Further units are added with square hooking devices attached to the backs of the row above.

OMB Games Boxes

Games Boxes: each box has a board game printed on the lid and contains the playing pieces and instructions – Draughts/Chess, Ludo, Solitaire and Snakes & Ladders.

OMB Cat and Frog NightNightLights

Cat and Frog NightNightLights. A solar-powered LED tea light is located on the back to cast a reassuring glow in the darkness. The battery is charged by a small solar panel attached to the back of the sun.